Name: Basil Essential Oil - 100% Pure Basil Oil - 10ml

Botanical name: Ocimum basilicum

Origin: Australia

Extraction method: Steam distilled

Plant part: Leaves and flowers

Aromatic Description: Refreshing, light and herbaceous

HEALTREE High Quality 100% Pure & Natural Basil Essential Oil, perfect for Aromatherapy, skin care, pores cleaning, lifting & firming, calming, relaxing, refreshing, reduce odor, Australian owned & made.

Basil oil has been traditionally used as natural remedy and spice, it is one of the most common herbs in our graders and dinner table. Basil plant has green leaf and vibrant flower, originated in tropical Asia, it is sensitive to cold climate. The hot climate in Southern part of Australia provides prefect growing condition for basil. We use Australian grown basil to steam distill our basil essential oil.

it is traditionally used to treat bug bite and as a skin-irrtation relief. Basil oil is also used in aromatherapy to reduce stress and anxiety, it also has the power of oil-control and help to minmize pores. 

Suggest Uses:

Diluted in carrier oil (3-6 drops in 10ml ) before applying on skin;

Used in diffuser or in bath (3-6 drops)

Used in bathing (3-6 drops)

Basil Essential Oil - 100% Pure Basil Oil - 10ml

  • Cleaning Skin, Pores; Lifting & Firming; Relaxing & Calming; Refreshing, Reduce odor

  • Cleaning pore:
    Basil 2 drops + Rosemary 1 drop + Jojoba 10ml
    Used for face or body