Name:Juniper Berry Essential Oil - 100% Pure Juniper Berry Oil - 10ml

Botanical name: Juniperus communis

Origin: France

Extraction method: Steam distilled

Plant part: Berries

Aromatic Description: Refreshing, Sweet and Woody

Healtree High Quality 100% Pure & Natural Juniperberry Essential Oil 10ml, Perfect for Aromatherapy, Skin Care, Australian Owned & Made.

Juniper originated in Europe, and France is the most famous Juniper berry producer as the Alpine cold weather promotes the flavor of the juniper berry slowly accumulates in the low temperature. It is traditionally used in making spirit and herbal remedies. We only use the finest berry part to make our top-quality Juniper berry.

1. High in nutrients and powerful plant compounds

2. Provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects 

3. May have antidiabetic properties

4. Could promote heart health

5. Antibacterial and antifungal activity

Suggest Uses:

Diluted in carrier oil (3-6 drops in 10ml ) before applying on skin;

Used in diffuser or in bath (3-6 drops)

Used in bathing (3-6 drops)

Message (diluted with carrier oil first and then use on body)

Juniper Berry Essential Oil - 100% Pure Juniper Berry Oil - 10ml

  • Oil Control & Pores; Cleaning Skin; Relaxing & Calming; Reduce odor

  • Messaging:
    Juniper berry 2 drops + Grape fruit 1 drop + Sandalwood 1 drop+ Sweet almond 10ml
    Used For: face, body

    Skin cleansing:

    Juniper Berry 2 drops + Cedarwood 1 drop + Lemon 1 drop + Sweet almond 10 ml

    Pet odor control:

    Juniper berry 5 drops+ Lavender 10 drops+ water 100ml

    Shake well before spray