Name: Aroma Stone - Stone Diffuser - Essential Oil Diffuser - Mini Diffuser (Set of 4 Value Pack) | Easy Way for Essential Oil Aromatherapy, Travel, Car, Office, Home, Bedroom Air Refreshing, Gift Box | Four Leaf Clover Style | Eco-friendly Diffuser

Used to disperse essential oils into the surroundings

1. Aroma stone itself has no fragrance and need to add essential oils to disperse.

2. Please take out the stone from the box first, then drip the oil directly to the center of the stone. The stone will absorb the oil by itself, and then slowly emit the fragrance through the stone.

3. When drip the oil, please to place a piece of paper under the diffuser stone. after the oils is completely absorbed, then used. If the oil has color, it is best to drip it on the back of the diffused stone to avoid dyeing.

4. Normally only one oil can be used to one stone, in order to avoid odor mixture.

5. The stone can be reused, if the same oil is used for a long time, the stone will be well maintained, and the product will bring it own oil fragrance.

Aroma Stone Diffuser - Essential Oils Mini Diffuser (Set of 4 Value Pack)