Name: Eucalyptus Essential Oil Australia - 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil - 10ml

Botanical: Eucalyptus radiata

Origin: Australia

Method of Extraction: Steam distilled

Plant Part: Leaves

Aromatic Description: Fresh, strong, penetrating.

Australian Eucalyptus Essential Oil, 100% Pure and Natural, Perfect for Aromatherapy Diffuser, Purify Air, Cleaning Skin and Pores.

Eucalyptus Australia essential oil has a significant cool and refresh characteristics, it has traditionally been used to relieve muscular aches and pains when used diluted. It has also been known to relieve symptoms of colds and flu when used in steam inhalation.

Suggest Uses:

Diluted in carrier oil (3-6 drops in 10ml ) before applying on skin;

Used in diffusers or vaporizers (3-6 drops)

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Australia - Pure Eucalyptus Oil - 10ml

  • Cleaning Pores & Skin; Purify Air; Relaxing & Calming

  • Purify Air:

    Eucalyptus 2 drops + Lavender 2 drops, Diffusion or Vaporizing