Name: Frankincense Essential Oil - 100% Pure Frankincense Oil - 10ml

Botanical: Boswellia carteri

Origin: India

Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled

Plant Part: Resin

Aromatic Description: Fresh woody scent, a subtle lemon note.

HEALTREE High Quality 100% Pure & Natural Frankincense Essential Oil 10ml (Single Ingredient) | Australian Owned & Made | Highest Purity | Perfect for Aromatherapy, Skin Care, Rejuvenation, Calming.

Frankincense was a gift of the Magi to the baby Jesus, it has been as precious as gold in ancient times. Frankincense essential oil is steam distilled from oleo-gum-resin of the frankincense tree. It is used in incense as well as in high-end perfumes. Frankincense essential oil has been used to help relieve stress-related conditions, and it has also been known for its cicatrisant (Wound healing)properties to smooth wrinkles, and is recommended for dry and mature skin types.

Suggest Uses:

Diluted in carrier oil (3-6 drops in 10ml ) before applying on skin;

Used in diffuser or in bath (3-6 drops)

Frankincense Essential Oil - 100% Pure Frankincense Oil - 10ml

  • Anti-ageing; Litting & Firmness; Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • Anti-ageing:

    Clary Sage 2 drops + Geranium 2 drops + Frankincense 1 drop + Jojoba 3 drops + Almond Sweet 10ml