Name: Rosehip Oil 100ml - Virgin Grade - 100% Pure Natural Cold Pressed Carrier Oil

Botanical: Rosa eglanteria

Origin: South America

Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed

Plant Part: Fruit


Rosehip Oil - Best Quality 100% Pure and Natural Cold Pressed Virgin Grade - Perfect for Skin Moisturizing, After Sun Care, Facial Massage or Blending with Essential oils

Possible Uses:

nourishing dry skin, premature aging skin, make the skin glow, dry dull hair, dandruff, sunburn, reduce scar, nourishing nails.


Rosehip oil is a rich source of natural essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids help to regenerate skin cells and to repair damaged skin tissue.

Rosehip oil is a rich source of natural vitamin A, topical vitamin A can effectively prevent premature aging caused by sun exposure. The Vitamin A found in Rosehip oil is ideally responsible for improving the skin’s moisture level as well as the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and it gives the skin appealing and healthy glow. The Vitamin A found in Rosehip oil could help scar healing.

Rosehip oil is a natural source of antioxidants, which are micronutrients that help to protect and repair skin from premature aging.  With its neutral pH balance and anti-inflammatory properties, rose hip oil keeps the skin balanced and healthy, helping to combat cell degeneration caused by bacterial and oxidants.

Rosehip oil is a remarkable natural product with amazing skin rejuvenating and hair conditioning properties. It has been used for generations by the Andean Indians of Chile who recognized years ago that Rosehip oil had exceptional healing skin care and hair care benefits. It’s brimming with natural nutrients and vitamins.

Rosehip Oil 100ml - Virgin Grade - 100% Pure Natural Cold Pressed Carrier Oil

  • Brightening & Dark Spots; Fine Lines & Wrinkles; Moisturizing