Name: Thyme Essential Oil - 100% Pure Thyme Oil - 10ml

Botanical: Thymus vulgaris L

Origin: India

Method of Extraction: Steam distilled

Plant Part: Flowering stem with leaves

Aromatic Description: Sweet, strong, herbaceous aroma.

High Quality 100% Pure and Natural Thyme Essential Oil, for Aromatherapy, Purify Air, Cleaning Skin and Pores, Hair and Scalp Care.

Thyme has been listed in the ancient pharmacopoeia in early days and it has been known for its strong antibacterial properties. It has also been used to reduce dandruff and inhibit hair loss.

Suggest Uses:

Diluted in carrier oil (3-6 drops in 10ml ) before applying on skin;

Used in diffuser or in bath (3-6 drops)

Thyme Essential Oil - 100% Pure Thyme Oil - 10ml

  • Hair & Scalp Care; Cleaning Skin; Acne

  • Cleaning Pores:

    Thyme 2 drops + Lemon 1 drop + Lavender 1 drop + Jojoba 10ml

    Used For: Face. Body